About - David Rice

For most of my life and all of my career, I've written, produced, and performed music. I love it and I know how to do it pretty well. With my creative compatriot Matt Naylor, I've helped build Flow Nonfiction into a really cool company that produces work we’re re all proud of. I’ve always been a little creatively restless, though, and when my son suggested we buy a decent camera to document a road trip a few years back, I agreed. My only condition was that we take an online course on the fundamentals so we weren’t stuck on automatic. It wasn't long before we were fighting over the 70D (his camera now) and soon I had taken about a hundred hours of Creative Live courses. More importantly, I started taking a lot of pictures.

With music, you can be alone in a studio and make cool things happen just playing with your instruments. It’s not until you get with other musicians or perform for an audience that you start to connect with something outside yourself. I think that’s why I like taking pictures of people - the challenge of quickly grabbing a shot when the moment is in front of you. Hopefully that’s what comes across in these pictures.

It’s been incredibly exciting to wrap photography into the mix at Flow. I’ve shot lifestyle campaigns for Blue Cross Blue Shield, documentary photo essays for Allina Health, cookbooks and portraits for Whole Foods Market, and recording sessions in Muscle Shoals. If you like what you see and have a project in mind, get in touch. Thanks for stopping by! davidrice@flownonfiction.com


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